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July 2016
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An important message for all Dealers
Hello Acorn Dealers,

Vicky, the friendly helpful person you have spoken to over the last 8 years is moving on. Always ready to help or lend an ear, Vicky has motivated our Acornkids Dealers forward for all these years. Now she is moving forward herself and opening her own business. We wish her all the best in her new venture.

Luckily, Vicky has taken time to train up Dilnawaaz, herself an active Dealer, so that we know you are in good hands. Thank you Vicky.

Please in future contact Dilwanaaz with all your queries, we are sure that you will receive outstanding support. Her contact details are:

Phone: 086 10 74776
Fax: 021 510 4226

Best wishes from Yvonne.
Please call me if you have any questions.