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Higher Commissions

Acornkids is making positive changes to its compensation plan.
Check these benefits.

For Team Builders:
Level 1 commissions now 10%
(up from 7%)
Level 2 commissions now 8%
(up from 7%)
Levels 3/4 commissions remain 7%

A Primer on the Rule Basics:

Status is a measure of the sales that a Dealer makes. Five status levels are assigned, and a Dealers Status is changed dynamically on a monthly basis. To achieve all benefits, a Dealers status must be the active level of "Pro". This requires a Dealer to have own sales or linked customer sales of 25 Points per calendar month. Lower level active statuses are "Master", "Intermediate" and "Novice" which represent lower levels of sales activity. Under the new structure, a Dealer who has not maintained sales over 3 months will have a status of "Inactive". This dealer will receive discount on her own purchases, but will not receive linked customer commissions or bonusses. Also, a dealer who remains "Inactive" in excess of 6 months will be changed to a Customer, and forfeit discounts.

The Rank of a Dealer who is building a Team is determined by the number of active teams in her downline.
Pin Rank: This is the highest Rank achieved by a dealer over the last 365 days.
Pay Rank: This is a dynamic Rank which changes monthly based upon a the status of a Dealers team. Calculation of commissions is based upon the "Pay Rank". Maximum Pay Rank is achieved when the Dealer and her teams all have a Status of "Active".

The Status and Rank of dealers was previously static. With the new commission structure, the Status and Pay Rank indicators will move dynamically up or down each month as determined by the performance of a dealer and her downline teams. Your Status, Pin Rank and Pay Rank can be viewed in your Dashboard. You can also review the status of your team in the "Keep Your Team Active" Report.

Full details can be found in the Dealer Manual, which has been updated to reflect the new commission structure. The Manual can be downloaded here.

Yvonne Macfarlane
Managing Director, Acornkids
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